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The Wales Safeguarding Repository

19 November 2019

A multi-disciplinary project seeking to build a novel document repository for housing safeguarding reviews and reports has begun to produce results able to assist practitioners.

Cardiff University Students Tackle ‘Fake News’

22 October 2019

This summer, the CSRI hosted a number of students keen to explore the spread of ‘fake news’ across Europe.

Child staring

Parents’ drug, alcohol and tobacco use negatively impacts all areas of child well-being

12 August 2019

Professor Simon Moore and Emily Lowthian have written an article for The Conversation looking into the effects of substance abuse on child well-being across five factors through analysis of 56 related studies.

Doctor with patient

A new Cardiff model for effective healthcare

23 July 2019

Consultant Clinical Prevention Champions

Woman using mobile phone

Murder of Jo Cox used by “digital prophets” to widen divides before EU vote, research finds

17 June 2019

Predictions about the future implications of the murder on social media, were a key moment in polarising the Brexit campaign

European flags

Scale of Russian interference in European democracy revealed

7 May 2019

New analysis of social media activities should serve as a warning ahead of the European Parliamentary elections, academics say

Multiple research papers from DAIS group presented at SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing event in Baltimore

23 April 2019

Members of DAIS present at session on artificial intelligence and machine learning

Image of police tape

Serious violence figures for 2018

12 April 2019

Despite recent spate of knife crime, UK sees decline in serious violence

A Longitudinal Study of European Students' Alcohol Use and Related Behaviors as They Travel Abroad to Study

6 March 2019

Studying abroad exposes European students to alcohol-related health risks.

Using laptop and phone

Research sparks calls for tougher enforcement on social media companies

5 March 2019

Evidence from academic report contributes to findings of inquiry