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Our community commitment

Male student reading outside Main Building

It is an unprecedented time to be part of our community.

The global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic means that now more than ever, we all work to support each other, to behave appropriately and with consideration, and to intervene when we see others failing to uphold the behaviour and standards of the University.

As members of the University community, we all have a responsibility to treat each other with respect, courtesy and consideration at all times.

We are committed to offering a welcoming, inclusive and safe environment. We will address negative discriminatory behaviours including those based on stereotypes and prejudiced attitudes.

Building on these foundations, we are asking everyone at the University to adopt the following Commitment.

  • I will read, follow and support the University’s guidance relating to reducing the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) for students and staff.
  • I understand that guidance will be regularly updated so I will take personal responsibility for ensuring I am up to date with the latest information. I accept the role that I have to play in making sure that the areas where I live, work, and study are as safe as they can be to the best of my abilities and knowledge.
  • I understand that this is an ever-developing situation and one which requires everyone’s ongoing attention and vigilance to understand the issues and impact created as a result of the global pandemic. I will help to support everyone in our community to ensure they have the best experience possible.
  • I will look out for those I work and learn with. I understand the importance of providing support, to help people where possible in dealing with the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) on their lives and supporting others to help them stay engaged with their work or their academic studies. I will ensure I understand what University support is available and how I may access it for myself and others.
  • I will behave in accordance with relevant University conduct policies and the Dignity at Work and Study policy. I will focus on inclusivity and supporting everyone around me. Where appropriate and where I feel safe and able to, I will call out and positively challenge when I see others behaving inappropriately and contrary to coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance. I will raise those concerns directly with those people in an open, constructive and polite manner. Where I feel unable to safely challenge, I will raise concerns with specialist teams within the University as outlined in this Commitment.
  • If I am challenged about my behaviour I will take these requests seriously and respond in an open, positive, and respectful manner, in line with this Commitment and the Dignity at Work and Study policy. I understand that the appropriate staff and student complaint, disciplinary and grievance procedures could apply in the event of an intentional breach of this Commitment.

Our approach in the first instance is to ask our staff and student community to self-regulate in a respectful manner, holding each other to account to ensure we all follow the requirements.

The Commitment makes clear that concerns should be raised in an open, positive, and respectful manner. These principles should be the core of all interactions.

This is a collective commitment asked of the whole University community at an exceptional time, rather than an additional or formal responsibility only asked of our staff.

The first step should be to establish the individual’s awareness and understanding of the situation. It is possible that people may have forgotten or simply not given thought to the requirements, or that they weren’t clear that they had in some way breached them.

Having gained that understanding and allowed the party to express their interpretation of events, you should explain the existence of the guidance, referring to the commitment, and the risks that not upholding our responsibilities puts everyone under.

It is anticipated that in most cases this intervention will be sufficient. Where this approach does not work, and you feel confident there is a need, you may wish to escalate this further.

Escalating your concern

Community members with concerns about student behaviour

If you would like to report a suspected case of misconduct by a student in relation to coronavirus (COVID-19) regulations to the University, you can email us on or or call us on +44 (0)29 2251 1222.

We do not accept anonymous complaints, will treat all complaints very seriously and have a clear process in place to address and monitor reported problems.

You should include the date, time and location the issue occurred, who was involved (the name of the student if you know), any witnesses who were present at the time. You will also need to leave your name, email and a telephone contact number.

If the situation is urgent, or you feel that you are at risk of physical and verbal abuse, you can get support from University Security (on-campus) +44 (0)29 2087 4444 or the Police (off-campus).

If you wish to report a house party noise disturbance you should call South Wales Police on 101.

Staff and students who have concerns