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Human factors technology

Human factors is the area of Computer Science concerned with improving the understanding of human behaviour and facilitating the design and development of emerging technologies.

This priority area examines both software and hardware development issues, as well as design interaction for users, which is geared towards enhancing experience, performance and decision making.

Human factors involves the process of interaction design, i.e. gathering user requirements, designing alternative ideas, prototyping and evaluating prototypes by designing experiments and user studies, collecting and analysing data and iteratively improving the design and development of systems.

With recent investment into this area of research, the Human Factors Technology Research Group offers expertise in:

  • human decision making
  • information seeking and retrieval
  • ubiquitous and pervasive computing
  • human communication with computing systems (utilising visual signal processing, computer vision and machine learning)
  • human perception
  • knowledge representation
  • user modelling
  • multi-modal and multi-media interaction
  • interaction with large (geographic) data sets (through visualisation)
  • deception detection
  • interaction design for privacy technologies and research methods in human-computer interaction.

Our members have extensive experience in utilising a variety of sensors in studying human behaviour, from embedded sensors on portable and wearable devices to eye trackers, and from portable EEG devices to motion capture devices. These studies are conducted in the wild, in the lab and in simulated environments.


The group has on-going collaborations with the University’s Schools of Psychology, Engineering, Dentistry and Optometry, as well as the Crime and Security Research Institute, Mobile and Social Computing Research Lab, National Software Academy and CUBRIC.

Beyond Cardiff University, the group enjoys continuing collaboration with institutions including Swansea University, University of Maryland, University of Geneva, Kings College, Cyprus Interaction Lab (Cyprus University of Technology), University of Wolverhampton, Knowledge Media Institute (KMI), University of Escuela Superior Politecnica del Litoral (ESPOL), University of Massachussetts and Pennsylvania State University.

We also have links with the European Patent Office, DSTL, Army Research Lab (ARL), the Distributed Analytics and Information Science International Technology Alliance (DAIS ITA), and companies such as IBM, BAE, Airbus and Renishaw.

On-going and previous projects are funded by RCUK, Royal Society, Endevr Welsh Government, BAE and The Distributed Analytics and Information Science International Technology Alliance (DAIS ITA).

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