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Priority areas

Significant investment has gone into the creation of 7 new research priority areas to focus on emerging trends within our rapidly-evolving discipline.

These priority areas have been designed to complement our existing research groups, aiming to provide additional vitality and agility in which we can respond to emerging trends.

Priority areas will be reviewed approximately every two years.

Data privacy and cybersecurity

Protecting equipment, information and services from unintended or unauthorised access, change or destruction.

Distributed and parallel systems

Multidisciplinary applications spanning traditional computational science and big data science.

Human factors technology

Understanding and improving the way people use technology in an information environment.

Knowledge representation and reasoning

Concerned with systems for automated reasoning in the context of artificial intelligence.

Social computing

Study of collaboration and interaction observed via social-technical systems such as online social networks and web-enabled applications.

Text and data mining

Analytic process of exploring large data sets to discover consistent patterns and systematics relationships between relevant variables.

Quantum technologies and engineering

Modelling and control techniques to engineer quantum devices and processes.