Data and knowledge engineering seminars

Data and knowledge engineering research seminars discuss research of interest to the data and knowledge engineering group including, but not limited to, knowledge representation and reasoning, text and data mining and data privacy.

A new seminar programme for 2018 will begin later this year. More details will be published on this page.

These seminars will take place in room C/2.11 on Mondays between 13:00 and 14:00. Everyone is welcome to attend any seminar.

2017 seminars

Spring 2017

30 January 2017Zied BouraouiInductive reasoning about ontologies using conceptual spaces
30 January 2017Martin CaminadaSome open research challenges in formal argumentation theory
6 February 2017Tobia ZanettiEfficient algorithms for preferred and semi-stable semantics in abstract argumentation
6 February 2017Jon SladeAutomatic semantic and geometric enrichment of 3D geo-spatial building models using HOG-based template matching for varying architectural styles
13 February 2017Liana CipciganSmart management of electric vehicles
13 February 2017David OwenText mining of unstructured healthcare data to help improve decision support in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions
20 February 2017Ivan VarzinczakDefeasible reasoning for description-logic ontologies
27 February 2017Ian KenwayCybersecurity in the post-Snowden era: A progress report on MaidSafe’s SAFE Network
27 February 2017Steve NealeCorCenCC: The National Corpus of Contemporary Welsh
6 March 2017Niall TwomeyContext and uncertainty in transfer and active learning
13 March 2017Niels PeekOpportunities and challenges of learning health systems
20 March 2017Richard BoothQuantifying disagreement in argument-based reasoning
20 March 2017Padraig CorcoranA distributed model for achieving location privacy in online route planning
27 March 2017Victor GutierrezA brief look at temporal description logics
27 March 2017Vigneshwaran MuralidaranConstruction grammar approach for Tamil dependency parsing
3 April 2017Alun PreeceCoalitions of things: Supporting intelligence tasks via Internet of Things approaches

Autumn 2017

9 October 2017Daniel HarborneA prototype systems architecture for coalition situational understanding
9 October 2017Federico CeruttiHuman-in-the-loop situational understanding via subjective Bayesian networks
16 October 2017Martin CaminadaOn the equivalence between assumption-based argumentation and logic programming
16 October 2017Irena SpasićAcronyms as an integral part of multi-word term recognition - a token of appreciation
23 October 2017Hélène de RibaupierrePrecise information retrieval in semantic scientific digital libraries
23 October 2017Akis MamaisBehavioral verification - a decentralised approach for advertising fraud prevention
30 October 2017Padraig CorcoranStatistical inference in the space of topological relationships
30 October 2017Andrei Gargarink-domination models for placement of electric vehicle charging stations in road networks

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Please direct all questions about this research seminar programme to the co-ordinator Dr Padraig Corcoran.

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