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Space Telescope Designer

  • CalendarAvailable on request
  • Clock outlineUp to 2 hours

In this activity, students will work as a group or individually to design a space telescope, and produce a proposal.

Students will need to select the size of the mirror, the instruments, where it will be launched from and were it will orbit, and even the rocket they will use. Once it's complete, they can fill in the proposal and launch the mission.

Space is a risky business - will the mission succeed?

The activity can be completed online or using information in the student guide and an interactive Excel spreadsheet.

Separate student documents are available for Key stages 4 (14-16) and 5 (16+).

Complete this activity online or download the resources to run this activity using excel sheets and printable documents.

Find out more

For more information about the activity, please visit our website.

About the organiser

This activity is organised by Herschel Space Observatory. Contact us at for more details.

How to book

This activity can be played online or with excel sheets and printable resources. If you have any questions then please contact the Physics and Astronomy outreach team:

TicketThis activity is free

GlobeAccess the activity resources online


  • TickKey stage four - ages 14-16, years 10-11
  • TickKey stage five - ages 16-18, years 12-13

Teacher supervision is required.

Curriculum themes

  • TickMathematics and numeracy
  • TickScience and technology

Activity type

  • TickActivity
  • TickOnline resource


  • TickEngagement with our research
  • TickPromoting higher education
  • TickSupporting curriculum themes

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