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Valleys Green Space

This project aims to improve health and wellbeing in local communities through 'green prescribing’.

Green prescribing is an approach that supports mental and physical health by providing opportunities for individuals to connect with nature.

Understanding, valuing and sharing local natural resources brings people together, inspires pride in communities, elevates mental and social wellbeing and boosts investment in local economies.

This project will work with local schools and the community to develop a volunteer group to design and create a wellbeing trail at the Ysbyty Ystrad Fawr Hospital site.

The project will host citizen science activities such as planting of wildflowers, the creation of biodiverse urban landscapes such as wildflower roundabouts and biodiversity surveying. The project also seeks to bring nature into people's homes by distributing wildflower seed packets free of charge.

The project’s aim is to connect individuals to nature on their doorstep and create groups of volunteers to support community green spaces in disadvantaged areas where economic, health, education wellbeing and environmental inequalities have been impacted by COVID-19.

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