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Connecting children in Llanelli with science and nature

This pilot project works with Ysgol Pen Rhos, a primary school in Llanelli, to survey and model the diversity of flora and fauna in the grounds of the school.

The survey will be used to compile a list of the plants which are most frequently visited by pollinators and to guide future planting strategies together with an assessment of the diversity of the bee species visiting the site.

This new pilot project will create a range of educational resources which explore the impact of climate change on local flora and fauna.  An output of the project will be  a database of the plants and bees observed in the school grounds over the summer of 2022. The intention is to repeat this survey annually to explore the impact of climate change on local bee numbers and species diversity.

It is hoped that this project will enhance wellbeing through engagement with nature. The impact  of engaging with nature on subjective wellbeing will be assessed using tools developed as part of our Abercynon green prescribing project.

We also seek to engender in the pupils a greater appreciation of the value of science and STEM engagement.

This pilot project supports green recovery by working with young people and other under-represented groups to develop conversations around climate change and biodiversity.

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