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The Tudors, Bones and the Mary Rose

Grangetown Primary School Students
Grangetown Primary School students

Bringing archaeology to life for local school children

The idea

Led by Dr Richard Madgwick, Senior Lecturer in Archaeological Science, this project will see a team from Cardiff University school of History, Archaeology and Religion visit primary schools in Grangetown to run activities on the Tudors and their links to the Mary Rose ship and how bones and artefacts can give us evidence about the past.

Two PHD Students and an MSC Student will help deliver the talks, using bone casts and props to bring history and archaeology to life.


The first session took place in Grangetown Primary School and was very well received. The children learnt about the different bones in your skeleton and how archaeologists can tell someone's age by looking at their teeth, as well as watching some archaeologists work and what kinds of skills make you a good archaeologist.

Next steps

Community Gateway is funding two PhD students and other PhD helpers from the School of History, Archaeology and Religion to facilitate the workshop in other Grangetown schools.