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Local Festival

Grangetown festival

This project supports a popular community festival.

The idea

Grangetown is a very diverse area which makes it such a great place to live. There aren’t many opportunities for the different communities to come together, build new relationships and celebrate Grangetown. We would like Cardiff University to help develop the festival and show what a friendly and vibrant area Grangetown is.”

This idea was raised again at our ‘Love Grangetown’ consultation which highlighted that the festival provided one of the few opportunities to bring the communities of Grangetown together.

What we did

Cardiff University’s Community Gateway project supports the Grangetown Festival each year, enabling Grangetown Community Action to:

  • hire the park
  • introduce a line-up of local musicians
  • offer a range of fun activities for children
  • market the event
  • provide a bouncy castle.

The festival also offers Cardiff University a great opportunity to meet local community members, promote how fun university education can be (if you enjoy designing bug-houses you may well like to be an architect!) and exhibit students’ work about the Grangetown area.


  • The festival has been running for over 30 years and again proves to be a great success year upon year.
  • Over 90% of respondents of a local survey said the festival made them feel more connected to the community in Grangetown and over 80% said the festival made them feel happier about living in the area.
  • The festival has also helped to inform local people about Cardiff University and the Community Gateway programme, with more than half or respondents agreeing that they felt more informed about this.