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Water Security Alliance Seminar Series: Large scale urban drainage models

Calendar Thursday, 26 May 2022
Calendar 13:00-14:00

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GW4 Water Security Alliance Seminar Series

The development and performance of urban drainage models must be validated by observed data. Experimental data is expensive to obtain, both in the field and laboratory campaigns, and its availability is very limited. Experimental results obtained in urban drainage facilities under laboratory conditions are more suitable to assess the numerical performance of numerical models than those obtained in field campaigns.

The seminar presents a set of experimental tests carried out in a new large-scale urban drainage facility to study rainfall-runoff processes on roofs and street surface and sewer network flow. Due to the large size of the experimental facility, the scale effects are reduced to a minimum. In addition, the numerical model of the facility using Iber-SWMM (2D/1D dual drainage model) is presented.

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