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Quiet Revolution? Alternative sexualities taking place in Europe and the post-Soviet region

Calendar Thursday, 19 September 2019
Calendar 09:15-18:30

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In light of the rising rhetoric of ‘traditional values’ in parts of Western and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, this one day event calls for an examination of what this conservative turn and the rise of illiberal political regimes imply for the voices of marginalised and alternative sexualities* and their representations in the former Eastern bloc and beyond.

The symposium asks how analyses of historical legacies, cultural trends and geographical location might help us to understand and re/conceptualise alternative sexualities in the post-Soviet region and Europe at present, that is, how the way that queerness is coded responds to shifting socio-political, cultural and legal landscapes.  The goal of the event is to bring together different strands of interdisciplinary research on sexuality and contribute to a dialogue between communities that have developed around them across the post-Soviet region and Europe.

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