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Love Grangetown

Love GT girl

Love Grangetown is an annual partnership planning project between Cardiff University and Grangetown residents, launched by Community Gateway in 2015.

The idea

To celebrate the diverse people, places and memories of Grangetown and to engage representatives from across the community to explore collaborative possibilities and develop long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships between community and University.

What we did

15 fantastic community researchers aged 16 -70+ from a diverse range of communities across Grangetown interviewed over 100 local residents, aiming to discover what people loved and appreciated about Grangetown. The community researchers took to the streets, visited temples, mosques, churches, bingo nights, parks and youth centres. On 9 May 2015, residents were invited to attend an event to consider the research findings and develop a schedule of local activities which the University could invest in.


Community members identified 9 key themes for investment and future partnerships:

  • Community Spaces
  • Provision for Young People
  • Safer Grangetown
  • Healthy and Active Grangetown
  • Clean Streets and Green spaces
  • Friendly Community
  • Communication without Barriers
  • Work and Shop Locally
  • Road Respect.

On 9 May 2015, over 27 people volunteered to take part in Community Gateway activities and six people agreed to lead projects with us.

Before the event on 9 May 2015:

  • 50% of people interviewed said they felt neutral or unhappy about living in Grangetown
  • 88% people said they felt neutral or didn’t know what their community was working towards
  • 82% felt neutral or unhappy about how connected they were to their local community
  • 65% felt neutral or unhappy about how connected they were to Cardiff University.

After the event:

  • 100% of people said they felt happy about living in the area and knew what their community was working towards
  • more than 50% felt connected to the wider community
  • 99% felt connected to Cardiff University.


Community Gateway built connections between community project leads who came forward on 9 May 2015 and Cardiff University staff.

Partnerships and activities that aligned to the nine themes and linked to Cardiff University’s research or teaching or could enhance the student experience by providing valuable volunteering opportunities were funded or supported.

Love Grangetown has continued as an annual consultation since 2015 and feedback from the community at each event has been invaluable in shaping Community Gateway strategy and focus.

Information gathered during Love Grangetown was key to securing over £2m grant funding to redevelop the Grangetown Bowls Pavilion in Grange Gardens, transforming it into a quality and accessible resident-led community centre.

Love Grangetown 2020

Love Grangetown 2020, run in collaboration with Creative Cardiff, was launched with spoken word from Hanan Issa, celebrating the richness of cultural diversity in Grangetown and Wales, and ended with a call to action from Ali Abdi, Community Gateway Partnerships Manager.

The Love Grangetown 2020 survey received over 150 responses, representing Grangetown’s multiple communities. Survey participants identified Clean Streets and Green Spaces, Safe Grangetown, and Provision for Young People as priority areas for 2020-21, and conversations at Love Grangetown explored ways in which existing and new partnership projects could support these aims.

Community Gateway will continue the conversations throughout January 2021 in a series of smaller, informal online sessions hosted by team members. If you would like to meet us online in January, and meet other Grangetown and Cardiff University partners developing projects together, or if you have an idea for a partnership project to develop with us, please get in touch at