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Why study in Welsh?

Watch a fideo of the advantages of studying in Welsh with the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol.

You will have an additional skill on your CV and more employers are looking for graduates with strong bilingual skills in Wales.

It is therefore important that you have the opportunity to study through the medium of Welsh and English. The NHS in Wales, for example, will encourage students of Medicine, Dentistry and Health to use their bilingualism when communicating with patients and their families.

I have lived in Wales for 8 years but since starting nursing I have realised the importance of learning Welsh. Just by speaking a few words of Welsh it can really help patients feel at ease during times of stress.

Jessica Bale

The Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol offers scholarships to undergraduate and postgraduate students from Wales who wish to study a significant part, or the programme in its entirety, through the medium of Welsh.

Bilingual teaching

Many of our students believe that bilingual study has enabled them to gain a better understanding of their subject. Law students, for example, can choose English medium lectures and Welsh medium tutorials that have been of great benefit to them as there is a huge demand for Welsh speaking lawyers.

When I'm preparing for my tutorials I have to understand and interpret the content completely so I can produce the work in Welsh too. it's a useful revision aid and I feel it's helped me understand the work a lot better over the years.

Catrin Williams, Undergraduate student at Cardiff Law School

Extracurricular activities

There are also plenty of extra-curricular opportunities for you to develop your language skills. For example, a postgraduate student at the School of Medicine improved their language skills by studying for a Welsh language skills certificate. This enabled him to earn more money in his spare time as a Welsh medium football coach.

A successful programme by the School of Welsh, Cymraeg i Bawb – Welsh for Everyone is also available for students to learn Welsh for free, alongside their studies.

Our student can also join the Gym Gym, the Student Union’s Welsh language society.  The Gym Gym offers a range of social activities through the medium of Welsh.

You can also participate in the intercollegiate Eisteddfod and at the Tafwyl festival. You can find more information about Welsh medium activities being held by the University and the city of Cardiff on the following page - Caerdydd a’r Gymraeg – Cardiff and the Welsh language.