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For staff

Membership of the Coleg is open to all academic and associated-academic staff who wish to be members.

Cardiff branch members
O'r chwith i'r dde: Dr Angharad Naylor, Sara Whittam, Gaynor Williams, Dr Zoe Morris-Williams.

Once you register with the Coleg Cymraeg, you will automatically become a member of the Cardiff Branch and you'll have the opportunity to play a role in its governance.


There are many advantages for staff who become Coleg members:

  • You become a member of the Cardiff Branch and can play a role in its governance.
  • You can elect a staff director to sit on the Coleg's Board of Directors who will also act as the Chair for the Coleg's Academic Board.
  • You'll be sent information about the Coleg's Strategic Developments and how to apply for funding via its Project Fund.
  • We'll send you information about opportunities to apply for staff funding via the Postgraduate Scholarship and Staffing Schemes.
  • You'll gain access to learning materials and resources like y Porth.
  • The ability to create learning modules on y Porth (i.e. become a 'trainer' on y Porth)
  • The opportunity to participate in training workshops and staff development.
  • Information about networking opportunities such as research conferences, launches and national events such as festivals and eisteddfods.