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Taking time out

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It has become increasingly popular for students to take time out after university to travel, get involved in voluntary projects or take part in other experiences.

Taking time out can help you develop independence, self-reliance, interpersonal skills and self-awareness. It can also broaden your outlook and horizons.

Crucially, many employers value the additional life skills that travel and alternative experiences can develop.

As time out can be a period of reassessment (and might even be taken for that reason), you may appear to lack focus in employers’ eyes. However, you can overcome employer skepticism by being clear about what you gained from the experience that can be put to good use in the workplace.

Issues to consider

You should think about your reasons for taking time out, including what you hope to gain or achieve by it and how you'll prepare yourself for the job market later on.

It's also worth noting that it can be more difficult to access advice and make considered decisions on your future when you're away, and when financial pressure to work really sets in.

If you need advice

We'd be happy to talk more about the advantages and drawbacks of taking time out:

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