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Unsure about your options?

Find out how to deal with uncertainty - a normal part of the career development process.

Most people feel unsure at some stage, even after they have made a career choice. However, some people make decisions earlier than others while at university. This can be due to many factors, for instance personality and subject of study.

In general, being unsure isn’t something to be too worried about. Indeed, few things in life are 100% certain. So learning to live with uncertainty is, to some extent, a necessary part of making progress with career plans.

The important thing is to try to identify why you might be unsure, how you feel about this and then, if you want, explore some practical steps that could help to reduce your level of uncertainty by arranging an appointment with your Career Adviser to receive that extra support. They can also help you to explore some specific jobs in greater depth.

Start investigating

Find out what you can do with your degree or look through our careers areas to start your research. Assessing your interests, values and abilities may also give you some insight into what you should do for work.

You can also use our interactive checklist, which can help you in your early stages of career planning:


Career planning checklist

4 May 2017

Unsure which next steps to take? Use our handy checklist to help outline your career path.


Get some experience

You could also gain relevant work experience, take part in internships or year placements to help you decide which career path you want take.

Seek out the opinions of others

Ask those who know you well – friends, family, tutors, work colleagues – what kind of work they think you would be suited to as it might give you some new avenues to explore.

Talk to people you know who are already working, both recent graduates and those with more experience – what do they do, what do they like and what frustrates them about their work? If what they do interests you, they may be able to offer you the chance to shadow them at work.

Attend careers events

Find out if any of the companies that you're interested in will be attending careers fairs local to you. This can be a helpful way to find out more about the jobs offered and also what type of people work there – but remember that companies are there to market themselves to you.

If you're still a student, you could also attend any employer visits to the University.

If you still need help

There are several teams within our service that can offer support within your career planning journey. We have teams in career guidance, work experience, employer engagement, enterprise and Cardiff Award.

Don’t worry about not knowing what you want to do – it might take time, but you will work it out and we are here to help you.

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