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Non-graduate jobs

Non-graduate jobs are roles in which a degree is not required.

Starting work in a non-graduate role may help you to establish what you do and do not want to do in the future. This learning can lead you in new directions, such as further training or a change of sector or type of employer.

It's increasingly common for those in non-graduate jobs to develop their roles by demonstrating higher level skills and capabilities. They expand their existing position to a graduate level job, or use it as a stepping stone to an alternative graduate role.

We offer support, advice and guidance for all career choices and if you're unsure of your next steps after graduation, then please do not hesitate to book an appointment or email us.

Reasons for doing a non-graduate job

You may start work in these roles for a variety of reasons, including:

  • it's relatively quick and easy to find
  • you have plans to travel or to undertake further study and seek temporary work to raise money or support yourself during this period
  • you have no specific long-term career plans on graduation and seek some work experience while you build your CV and research your options
  • you would like to enter a sector where there are no structured graduate programmes and the established route in is through a non-graduate role (eg the media)
  • you may be under financial pressure and prepared to take any job to ease this in the short term
  • you have been unsuccessful in applications for specific graduate jobs and need an alternative way to start your career
  • you have made an active decision to take an alternative form of employment.
  • it may fit in with your lifestyle choices and values.

Issues to consider

You'll need to think about whether the role offers significant personal development opportunities, and if scope exists to widen your remit and progress from this position within the organisation.

We also suggest that that you consider whether you can identify a potential career path from this position that offers responsibilities and rewards in line with your expectations and abilities.

And lastly, ask yourself if this role offers good opportunities to network and build contacts that might help you to progress?

If you need help

We can offer advice and guidance on any of your career choices. To find out more, please contact:

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