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Careers areas

Get specific guidance on a range of popular jobs and sectors.

Thinking about starting a particular career or considering a new direction? Explore our selection of careers areas, each of which outline things like the types of employers you'll encounter, your job options and the skills you'll need to do them.

If you're interested in a role or sector that's not listed here, please contact us and we'll be happy to offer you bespoke guidance.

Accountancy, business and finance

Learn more about these, as well as the economics and actuarial, pensions and insurance sectors.

Charity and voluntary work

The scope for graduates working within the non-profit environment is enormous, encompassing a wide variety of roles within a diverse range of organisations.

Creative arts, design and music

In these industries, covering design, visual arts, fashion and textiles and photography and music, you're most likely to be self-employed.

Energy and utilities

Learn more about jobs within natural resources, including hydrogeologist and environmental consultant.

Engineering, manufacturing, property and construction

Whether you are looking to work in the design, build or management of the built environment this is a broad area with a huge variety of career paths to choose from.

Environment and agriculture

This enormous career area, covering a wide range of professions, is open to graduates from many backgrounds with a variety of entry points.

Government and public services

Find out more about working in the Civil Service, public health and consumer protection, as well as public services and administration.

Health and social care

Explore a variety of careers in psychology and social work.

Hospitality, events management, leisure and tourism

There is a huge variety of careers in this sector available in the private, public and third sectors.

HR and recruitment

Companies, recognising the value and importance of their HR functions and the need to recruit the best workforce, are employing graduates with key skills into this very popular and highly competitive sector.

Information, research and IT

Learn more about roles in heritage, museum and archaeology, as well as IT and technology, patents, libraries, archives and information management.

Law and security

Explore a range of roles, including solicitor, barrister, chartered legal executive, licensed conveyancer, those in the armed forces and more.

Media, marketing, advertising and PR

You could begin a career in this varied sector through a relevant degree or building up work experience on your CV.

Retail and sales

This sector, crucial to the UK's economy, offers a diverse mix of opportunities in a range of areas. 

Science and pharmaceuticals

Includes careers in physics, non-scientific research and those both in and outside of a lab setting.


This challenging and inspiring area in which to work has a variety of entry points and training requirements.

Transport, planning and logistics

Find out more about roles within the town planning, transport and logistics and transport planning sectors.