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Your abilities, skills and personality

Learn how to assess your individual characteristics and relate them to different areas of work.

Find out what you're good at

When people talk about abilities, they generally refer to a combination of factors including learned skills (such as writing), natural aptitudes and personality.

Use our worksheet to assess your abilities and aptitudes:


Abilities and skills analysis

26 April 2017

Rate your abilities and aptitudes and map these to different careers.


Reflect on your temperament

Temperament can affect how comfortable you are with what you do and your success. It’s not about finding a perfect fit for your temperament – there is no such thing.

We all adapt and compromise, balancing one thing against another, in all aspects of our lives. Our careers are no exception, however, it can help you feel more content in the type of work you end up doing.

Use our worksheet to help you assess your temperament:


Personality or temperament analysis

26 April 2017

Use this worksheet to reflect on your personality and temperament, which will help you to assess job possibilities – both in terms of meeting the demands of the job and finding it satisfying.


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Interested in finding out how your personality lends itself to certain career roles? Try Career Test.

If you'd like to talk through the best careers to suit your ability, skills and personality, please contact us:

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