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Assessing your interests, values and abilities

Your personality, values and interests will affect decisions about your future, whether you're job hunting, taking some time out or volunteering.

It will affect how and when you make decisions, the information you base them on and the outcomes you achieve from them. Recruiters often look for a general personality fit between their organisation and you, and occasionally use personality assessment within their recruitment processes.

But thinking about your personality and values is not just about jumping through the right hoops to get the right jobs. Knowing more about who you are and why you want what you want can help you to decide your next steps and understand why you're taking them.

Self-knowledge involves identifying your individual characteristics in relation to work. The main factors to consider include your values, interests, ability and attributes and personality. You should also consider also any constraints (eg choice of work location) and how these will affect your options.

Your values

Your core beliefs can determine how and where you apply your skills.

Your interests

Learn how your interests can inform your choice of career.

Your abilities, skills and personality

Find out how to assess these individual characteristics and relate them to different areas of work. 

Employers recognise the importance of finding satisfaction through a job by matching personality, skills, interests and values with company values and occupational roles.

Losing employees is extremely costly to an employer, and one common reason for leaving is that the graduate doesn’t feel comfortable with either the post or the company’s ethos.

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