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Keeping a learning log

You should record and reflect on your work experiences as it is valuable to you and sought by employers.

A learning log will help you to analyse and reflect on what you're experiencing both as you work and at the end of the placement, job or project. It can even help you reflect on what worked – and didn't work – during the interview process.

Keeping a learning log also allows you to:

  • outline details of the work you perform
  • any training you receive
  • anything interesting you learn about the business or organisation
  • any process or area of work that you would like to find out more about
  • names and contact details of anyone significant you meet.

Once you outline the details, you can reflect on:

  • specific incidents where you learnt something, and the relevant skill area
  • anything that you think goes particularly well - and not so well - and why
  • what you might do differently if that situation arises again
  • whether or not your career aim has changed as a result of the work experience you have had.

Identifying skills areas you're developing and providing examples of experiences you've had can then help you to sell them to future employers.

Find out more

For advice on recording and reflecting on your work experiences, please contact us. The University of Hull also has a helpful video that discusses reflective writing in more detail.

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