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Communicating your skills

Knowing what skills employers want and how to convey them can increase your chances of getting a job.

What employers are looking for

Learn more about the employability skills employers want in graduate employees.

The STAR technique

Use this strategy to effectively convey your skills and abilities in application forms and interviews.

Using social media

Get advice on using LinkedIn and managing your online presence.

Keeping a learning log

Find out more about the benefits of recording and reflecting on your work experience or job.

Conveying international qualifications

If you're an international graduate, major UK employers will often have their own mechanisms in place to verify your qualifications  (some of them may address this question in the frequently asked questions section of their recruitment website).

However, not all employers will understand how international qualifications compare to UK ones. UK NARIC provides information, advice and expert opinion on qualifications worldwide, helping you to effectively communicate your skills and knowledge when writing a CV, cover letter or application form.

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