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Assessment centres

An assessment centre is a detailed examination of your suitability for a job, carried out over half a day to two days, and is measured against the job competencies.

It allows companies to see you in action and what you can actually do as opposed to what you say you can do in the your application. It usually comes at the end of the applications process and is critical to being offered the job.

How they work

You will be part of the a group of candidates who complete a series of exercises, tests and interviews and even social activities which are all designed to evaluate your suitability for the job and the organisation.

Usually, the employer will send you details beforehand. You need to showcase your broad range of skills and competencies regarding the job description. Companies feel this is an effective way to recruit suitable graduates as they are able to measure your performance objectively against key criteria for competencies they have set for the role.

Seeing you perform under pressure, how you deal with it and how you highlight the skills and personal qualities relevant to role is vital to employers. It’s as much about fitting into the company culture as the competencies laid out for the role. Make sure you have undertaken your research here.

They'll use several trained assessors to monitor your performance, making the process fairer as the decision on who to hire is made by consensus. Then they will all feedback and make an objective decision on candidate performance at a later date.

Be yourself

An assessment centre might seem like an artificial environment but, you should really be able to demonstrate what you would be like if you got the role within that company. Always arrive on time and look and act the part.

The reality is that the assessors want to see you in your most positive light. They want to see how you deal with the tests and the challenges and what skills you can bring to their organisation.

So your focus must be on doing what you do, and doing it as well as you can on that day. And if it feels right for them, then working with that employer is more likely to feel right for you.

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