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Interviews are a two way process – they're an opportunity for employers to find out more about you, and for you to find out more about them.

Not all interviews will be successful, but all experience will be useful in helping you prepare for future applications.

Testing your capabilities

Some interviews do have activities to test your capabilities either through a presentation, a written test, role play, a group exercise, in tray out tray exercise, a psychometric test or through a social event.

Get extra help

If you need advice, we offer interview workshops and opportunities to take part in a mock interview. You can also borrow any one of our considerable number of books and other resources from our office in 50 Park Place.

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Interview formats

Learn more about the different kinds of interview you'll encounter on your job hunt.

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Preparing for an interview

Find out what employers want to know and learn how to prepare for your interview.

Computer studies

On the day

Information on how you should dress and act on the day of your interview.

Assessment centres

An assessment centre is a detailed examination of your suitability for a job, carried out over half a day to two days and is measured against the job competencies.

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Psychometric tests

Learn more about these tests, which employers can use to assess your ability and aptitudes.

After your interview

Get advice on what to do once your interview takes place, from sending a thank-you note to negotiating your terms.