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Bursaries and awards

CITER supported awards and bursaries provide our members with opportunities to develop new research ideas within the broad remit of tissue engineering, repair and rehabilitation.

CITER Awards

Excellence in research is recognised by the annual Young Investigator award. Participation in engagement activities and showing a pro-active approach in the delivery, refinement and development of CITER activities is recognised by the annual Contribution and Engagement award.

Young Investigator Award

The CITER Young Investigator Award is given annually and consists of £1000 plus free registration and a keynote lecture at the annual scientific meeting held that year. The award is judged by an independent interdisciplinary team, and recognises high quality research and the growing independence of a post doctorate research associate or research fellow.

The call for the Young Investigator Award 2020 will open on 17 February 2020, application deadline is 16 March 2020.

It is a privilege and honor to receive the CITER Young Investigator Award 2018. As an early career researcher, it is incredibly encouraging and motivating to receive such a prestigious award and a wonderful booster to keep moving forward towards excellence in research. I have no doubt that the impact of this award on my professional maturity and independence as a researcher will be long-term and internationally recognized. The awards established by CITER are a generous contribution to promising young emerging researchers to pursue their research interests and I would strongly encourage all young investigators to apply for CITER funding.

Dr Elena Koudouna

Contribution and Engagement Award

The CITER Contribution and Engagement Award recognises a CITER early career scientist or student’s outstanding contribution to CITER engagement and outreach activities throughout the academic year.

The recipient not only would be recognised for his/her contribution to outreach activities and public engagements, but also for being proactive in the delivery, refinement and development of CITER activities. Potentially awardees are proposed by the CITER Engagement committee and the winner(s) selected by the CITER Executive Committee.

The award consists of £200 and is presented at the CITER Annual Scientific Meeting held that year.

CITER research bursaries

Research project seedcorn funding

Up to £4000 per project is awarded to pump-prime interdisciplinary research projects. This bursary was initiated in 2014 to give early career researcher's the opportunity to apply for small competitive research funds to support an area of their research interests.

Such funding is not widely available elsewhere in the University (specifically in this multi-disciplinary field) and obtaining such funding, especially at the start of their career, substantially enhances the individual's CV and enhances their competiveness for Fellowships.

Bursary nameCall numberApplications npenDeadline for applications
Seedcorn Bursary 2019-2020115 November 201913 December 2019
Seedcorn Bursary 2019-202024 May 20201 June 2020

I was awarded a CITER Seedcorn Bursary in August 2017 to facilitate collaborative working with Professor Alan Breen and his team at the AECC University College in Bournemouth. This allowed me to develop skills in Spinal Fluoroscopy to further my PhD work evaluating biomechanics in non-specific chronic low back pain patients. The award enabled me to travel as a visiting Research Fellow to my collaborator for a few days each month together with attending numerous related conferences to present my work. As a result of the Seedcorn bursary I have submitted a publication, been included in a large-scale multisite EPSRC grant application and hope to submit an EPSRC Discipline Hopping Grant later this month.The Seedcorn Bursary has given me an invaluable opportunity to develop a strong working and continuing collaboration with Prof. Alan Breen and his team. This bursary has provided an important first step towards developing this technology for utilisation in Cardiff and embarking on a programme of independent research. I would like to thank CITER wholeheartedly for this opportunity and would strongly encourage any other Early Career Researchers to apply for this fantastic scheme.

Dr Rebecca Hemming Lecturer: Physiotherapy

Research travel

Up to £2000 per bursary is awarded to facilitate travel for a CITER member to visit an institution overseas to undertake novel research and / or traning in new research techniques.

Bursary nameCall numberApplication opensDeadline for applications
Research Travel Bursary 2019-2020127 January 202024 February 2020

Conference travel

Conference travel bursaries support our network members to present their research at international conferences worldwide. Up to £1000 per bursary is awarded via a competitive application process.

Bursary nameCall numberApplications openDeadline for applications
Conference Travel 2019-2020127 January 202024 February 2020

Undergraduate Summer Student Bursary

Four bursaries are available to CITER academic members to support research projects carried out by undergraduate students, to take place over the summer of 2020. The bursary amount is £207.92 per week, 25 hours for a maximum of eight weeks (the maximum total available to a School per student is £2,488 which includes the processing fee, holiday pay and employers National Insurance). The student does not have to be an undergraduate from a CITER-contributing School, or even Cardiff University. The student will be expected to present their research as a poster at the following Annual Scientific Meeting where they will have the opportunity to meet other CITER bursary students and CITER members.

The call for the Undergraduate Summer Student Bursaries 2020 will open on 15 November 2019, application deadline is 13 December 2019 at 16:00.

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