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Supporting under-represented students

We know that some students come from disadvantaged backgrounds. As a diverse and supportive institution we do everything we can to help make the graduate labour market a level playing field for all students.

GO Wales: talent spotting, diversity and corporate social responsibility

GO Wales: Achieve through Work Experience aims to level the playing field for under-represented students.

You can benefit from a fresh perspective and new ideas by offering flexible, blended or virtual work experience to students. GO Wales works with employers to support students to gain tailored and flexible work experience, ranging from 1 to 20 days of unpaid work tasters to 30-day paid placements (50% of the wage paid by the employer and 50% paid by GO Wales).

To discuss the GO Wales programme and the work experience you can offer please email

Career Confident

Our Career Confident programme works with students from disrupted and disadvantaged educational backgrounds and equips our students with the necessary tools and employability skills.

Career Confident is a four-stage careers programme that walks the student through their career journey, from exploring their own skills and attributes and understanding what they can offer an employer, to developing their skills by encouraging and highlighting the importance of gaining valuable work experience. Career Confident also helps students learn how to compete in a very challenging labour market, and how to articulate their skills with confidence.

If you would like to engage with our Career Confident programme and meet with our students, then please email