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Transforming strategy

How a KTP helped introduce a leaner way of working for a leading UK dairy manufacturer.

Challenging marketplace

Yeo Valley Logo

Yeo Valley, established in 1961, is one of the largest British dairy manufacturers and currently accounts for the production of over 25% of the UK yogurt market. Employing over 1400 people, the company operates in an increasingly challenging marketplace.

It was identified that implementing a lean system within the organisation would provide opportunities to build a sustainable competitive advantage. To help address this the company undertook a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with Cardiff Business School, to develop new knowledge in lean methods and techniques, with the aim of integrating a lean change programme across the organisation.Through the implementation of a sustainable lean culture Yeo Valley's ultimate objective was to reach their 5 year strategic goal of increasing turnover and profit.

The KTP and support from the School has been instrumental in augmenting our Better Than Ever transformation programme. The KTP associate now has a full time position with Yeo Valley and is building on his experience and academic knowledge.

Steve Welch, Group C.I. and Yogurt Manufacturing Manager, Yeo Valley

Better Than Ever

The 'Better Than Ever' project was successful in raising awareness within the company of the methods and techniques required to provide a sustainable lean culture, whilst advancing tools and techniques to reduce manufacturing product times and costs. 

The KTP project exceeded its expectations, not just in terms of the results but also in terms of the people involved and their enthusiasm and confidence in the project.

Knowledge has been further consolidated following the KTP, through the roll out of the programme across the organisation and with the employment of a BTE Continuous Improvement Team. The exceptional progress that the programme has made has been recognised with the Training within Industry Training (TWT) System.  

The KTP has also enabled further links to be forged between Cardiff Business School and Yeo Valley, including Yeo Valley senior managers delivering guest lectures to undergraduate classes and the provision of relevant business case studies for use in teaching materials.