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Working with businesses and other organisations

We work with a range of stakeholders across the public, private and third sectors to develop enduring solutions which inform industry practice and academic research.

Our relationships

Our relationships with organisations are many and varied. They span from the informal and personal to more formalised funded centres. We have relationships that focus on specific projects and deliverables, and some based on more open-ended enquiry.

Some are large consortiums of universities and other organisations, whereas others involve just our team and a single organisation. Further relationships have become reciprocal, where organisations influence our governance. Some engagement activities are short-term, and others last for many years.

The right solution

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We bring an academic perspective to operational challenges. Drawing on evidence, expertise and experience we think strategically about complex problems, where a quick fix might not be the right fix.

Our diverse disciplinary backgrounds enable us to work outside of traditional silos to identify solutions unique to your organisation.

Andrew Lahy

Working with the Cardiff University team has brought major benefits for our organization: The Cardiff team has consistently provided new ideas and unique perspective into our daily business. What’s more, they have also given us access to knowledge from completely new domains, enabling innovation and promoting learning and personal development for our employees.

Andrew Lahy, Global Head of Strategy and Innovation, Logistics Panalpina World Transport Ltd

How we work


Aris Syntetos and Emrah Demir

We take the time to understand the parameters of each project by outlining expectations, values and outcomes through a period of initial consultation. This open and transparent way of working ensures that University and collaborator goals are aligned from project inception through to delivery.


We build the right team for each project, defining relationships, roles and responsibilities at the outset with clear review points throughout a project’s lifespan.

Interdisciplinarity is a core principle of our work with businesses and other organisations. It enables personnel with different perspectives, expertise and experiences to collaborate and address often complex and competing operational issues.


We recognise that working with businesses and other organisations can involve the analysis of sensitive information, data and other content. Confidentiality is therefore a primary concern for many of our collaborators.

We employ ethical research processes and implement non-disclosure agreements, where appropriate, to ensure confidentiality does not become a barrier to project success.

Collaborative research

Our relationships with businesses and other organisations are bespoke and innovative because we understand there is no one-size-fits-all approach to contemporary managerial and organisational challenges. Some potential mechanisms we have used are:

Live projects

Our MBA and specialist master’s students respond to a focused business challenge between June and September each year.

Doctoral research

Our PhD candidates focus on a long-term complex business challenge as part of their doctoral training and research thesis.

Knowledge transfer partnerships

A project is jointly developed between academics and practitioners and an associate is recruited to work on strategic projects to improve competitiveness, productivity and performance.

Contribute to a research council funded project

Success in securing research council funding is often complemented by business partnerships leading to industry and academic benefits.

Organisationally funded research projects

Fund and define your own projects with our staff. This may involve buying out a proportion of staff time, and/or by employing a researcher.

Staff placement and employment

Our staff are employed directly by an organisation on a fixed-term or placement basis to carry out bespoke research.

Research Centres

Our partners make a larger scale investment by sponsoring academic positions, co-locating or form research centres within the School.

Contact us

We are always looking at fresh ways of working and welcome new ideas and opportunities.

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