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Experimental MRI Centre (EMRIC)

Our Experimental MRI Centre Research Hub offers a flexible, non-human research system with full technical support for magnetic resonance imaging and magnetic resonance spectroscopy.

The centre focuses on biomedical research applications involving in vivo imaging in small rodents. The versatility of the facility also ensures there are imaging applications for material and plant science, as well as some industrial processes.

The facility is available to Cardiff University research staff and is a national resource for high resolution research imaging. External users are able to use the facility with prior appointment. Details on how to book, technical specifications and health and safety information is available on the equipment database.


The facility can be used for a number of applications including:

Anatomical imaging - Full body and organ anatomical imaging: T1/T2 weighted imaging.

Angiography - Detailed images of vasculature in the head and brain for development, stroke and tumours.

Diffusion tensor imaging - Diffusion of water molecules in biological tissues can be used to track fibre paths related to brain injury.

Graphic generated by fibre tractography
A 3D reconstruction of fibre tracts in a rat brain.

Fibre tractography - DTI data can be further processed with specialist software (in this case ExploreDTI) to reconstruct in 3D any fibre tracts of interest.

Spectroscopy - Single voxel spectroscopy allows detection of the chemical composition of a selected region.

Heart imaging - Triggered heart imaging: cardiac gating allows image acquisition at different phases of the cardiac cycle. Image sequences can be made into a movie to reveal important structural and functional data.

fMRI - Functional imaging: signal changes in the brain due to changing neuronal activity can be measured by BOLD (blood oxygenation level-dependent) contrast.

Molecular imaging - Tracking labelled cells within a graft or active transport along neuronal pathways.

3D imaging - True 3D imaging gives higher through plane resolution and allows image reslicing in any plane.

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