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WSA On Display: Student Exhibition 2022

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The Welsh School of Architecture is pleased to announce that the WSA On Display: Student Exhibition 2022 launched in Bute building on 24 June 2022.

The exhibition is a celebration of a year of outstanding hard work from students at both Bachelors and Masters level.

This year the WSA Show 2022 aims to uncover and celebrate the variety of processes that has gone into conceiving imageries and create a platform for conversations that can bring a new chapter into the process. The exhibition is an open-ended stage where the students’ works are viewed in a wider spectrum.

Hosted and celebrated at the Bute building, it showcases the work produced by the students from our diverse range of courses from Architecture to Urban Design, Computational Methods in Architecture to Sustainable Building Conservation; producing a diverse portfolio of work in response to a rich research agenda and demonstrating architectural reactions to a variety of real world issues and contexts.

Explore the online exhibition

Digital Festival

The launch of the 2022 Student Exhibition was complimented with a digital festival to celebrate our design processes. Researchers, architects, technical experts, and designers came to share their diverse processes. All sessions were recorded and can now be viewed on our school YouTube channel.