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WSA On Display: Student Exhibition

The WSA Exhibition 2023 launched on 23rd June.

This is a student-led show delivered as a major collective effort across all years, courses, and design studios at the Welsh School of Architecture.

The exhibition showcases a curated selection of drawings, visualisations, models, charts, diagrams, maps, posters, films, artefacts, and other work from all courses run at the school in the academic year 2022-23.

The title of the show is “Adapt.” This has stemmed primarily from the student curatorial team’s decision to reuse and adapt the display system developed for our 2022 exhibition for this year’s show. Aiming to produce a sustainable exhibition by recycling materials rather than beginning again from scratch, the team set out to reconfigure standardised parts to suit the variety of ideas, projects and research contained in this year’s body of work. Through doing so, they “hoped to inspire a culture of resourcefulness and innovation that extends beyond the exhibition and into all aspects of our students' work.”

Enjoy our 3D scan of this year's Exhibition.

View the online catalogue from this year's exhibition here