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Community Gateway

In 2012, Cardiff Futures, our leadership and development programme, brought together eight research and senior professional staff from a wide range of backgrounds.

A common interest emerged from this University-wide collaboration: to develop a meaningful and long-term relationship with local communities, enabling the sharing of community and our expertise to achieve common goals.

Grange Gardens

Community Gateway was launched by Cardiff University in 2014 to work with the community of Grangetown, Cardiff's highest populated and most diverse ward, to facilitate the co-production of projects delivering research, live teaching or volunteering opportunities for the mutual benefit of both the community and the University.

Project aims

Community Gateway has the following aims:

  • work with the communities of Grangetown, responding to their concerns and needs as equal partners
  • develop a long-term community partnership which can support a range of projects over a significant length of time
  • achieve visible, appropriate and mutually beneficial impact
  • develop partnership opportunities between the university and Grangetown to share our mutual and diverse expertise, passions and visions.


In the last four years Community Gateway has launched more than 50 community-University projects, brokering connections between university staff and students and Grangetown residents to help bring community-led ideas to life. Projects have included:

  • the award-winning Grange Pavilion Youth Forum, a regular Grangetown Business Forum which led to the launch of Grangetown’s first World Street Market
  • a Run Grangetown social running group
  • an annual mental health day event
  • arts therapy programmes
  • a citizen scientists programme
  • Grangetown Safety Week.

The project has worked in partnership with resident groups to temporarily renovate a vacant bowls pavilion as
a community venue and is supporting an ambitious long term redevelopment of the facility and grounds.

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Community Gateway