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Useful Links

We provide here links to a number of websites relating to the Welsh in North and South America.

Celtic Studies, University of California, Berkeley

Celtic Studies, UCLA

Celtic Studies, University of Ottawa

Celtic Studies, University of Toronto

Celtic Studies Association of North America (CSANA)

Cymdeithas Cymru-Ariannin

Cymdeithas Madog: Welsh Studies Institute in North America, Inc.

Department of Celtic Languages and Literatures, Harvard University

Dewi Sant Welsh United Church, Toronto

Glaniad: Images and Stories about the Welsh Settlements in Patagonia

Great Plains Welsh Heritage Project

Green Mountain College Welsh Heritage Program

Letters from the American Civil War (Gathering the Jewels)

Madog Center for Welsh Studies, University of Rio Grande

North American Association for the Study of Welsh Culture and History (NASSWCH)

National Welsh American Foundation

Ninnau: The North American Welsh Newspaper

North American Festival of Wales

The North American Journal of Welsh Studies

Patagonia: A list of manuscripts, letters and theses relating to the Welsh Colony in Patagonia (National Library of Wales)

'The Promised Land?' (National Library of Wales)

Wales International

Wales North America Business Chamber (WNABC)

Wales-Ohio Project (National Library of Wales)

Welsh-American Genealogical Society

Welsh-American Heritage Museum, Oak Hill, Ohio

Welsh Collections in the American Folklife Center archive

Welsh Mormon History

Welsh National Gymanfa Ganu Association

'The Welsh in Oneida County, New York' (Paul Demund Evans)

'Welsh in Pennsylvania' (Matthew S. Magda)