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Library Resources

Holdings relating to the Welsh in America in the Salisbury Library, Cardiff University

Cardiff University's Welsh and Celtic collection, the Salisbury Library, is one of the major research collections in the field of Welsh and Celtic studies. It has holdings of around 100,000 items, including books, pamphlets, periodicals, maps, prints and archives.

It has a sizeable collection of materials relevant to the remit of the Cardiff Centre for Welsh American Studies, including a considerable number of volumes relating to the Welsh in Canada, Patagonia and the United States as well as other centres of Welsh settlement overseas.

The Library is home to extensive holdings of microfilms of Welsh American manuscript material and of microfilms and hard copies of Welsh American newspapers and periodicals such as:

The Library also holds microfilms of the Scranton Republican, 1893-1907, which contains material on the Welsh in Pennsylvania during that period.

In addition, the Library’s large collection of nineteenth and twentieth century Welsh- and English-language newspapers and periodicals contain much material relevant to the Welsh in Canada, Patagonia and the United States.

You can search the Salisbury Library via the University's Voyager system.