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Members & Visiting Scholars

Core Members at Cardiff University

Adjunct Members

Visiting Scholars

Professor Vic Webb, South Africa visited the Unit. in October 2011, while  Martin Normand, Montreal University, Canada was a resident scholar between October 1st and November 2011. Both worked with Professor Colin Williams on Language Strategies and Language Planning.

During March 2011 Professor Colin H. Williams worked with Dr Akiko Matsuyama, Tokyo and Professor Xavier Lamuella, University of Gerona, Catalonia. This work focused on language policy in Wales and aspects of bilingual education.

Dr Julia Barnes joined the Unit in July 2010 and is collaborating with Professor Colin Williams by researching into language policy in Wales and the Basque Country. She is comparing the training given to teachers to teach through the medium of Welsh and Basque respectively.

If you are interested in visting us, then please contact:

Prof. Colin Williams

Telephone: +44(0)29 208 75657