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Past Events

23-24 November 2013: In the Basque Country

‘Legislative Devolution and the Enactment of the Official Status of Welsh in Wales’. International Conference on Cultural Rights and Democratization, University of the Basque Country

9 October 2013: In Moncton

‘Language Rights in Great Britain and Ireland: The Welsh Experience’ Faculty of Law Conference on Language Rights, University of Moncton

23-4 May 2013: In Cardiff

Co-organiser and rapporteur, International Conference on Language Rights, Dublin, co-hosted by Irish Language Commissioner, Fiontar, DCU and LPPRU, Cardiff University

May 2013: In Dublin

International conference on language commissioners, Dublin

14 May 2013: In Barcelona

‘European and Canadian Perspectives on Language Strategies’, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Barcelona

22 March 2013: In Caernarfon

(With M.P.Jones) ‘Datblygiadau Ewropeaidd’, Cynhadledd Genedlaethol Dyfodol Cymunedau Cymraeg, Welsh Government, Galeri, Caernarfon

12 March 2013: In Cardiff

The first research seminar in our series on language commissioners, language law and language planning:

Professor Rob Dunbar - 'All at sea in the North Atlantic? The Welsh Language Measure, the 'Celtic model' and the 'Canadian model' of Language Legislation'

21 February 2013: In Brussels

‘Language Strategies in Comparative Perspective’, Annual Conference of the NPLD Network, Brussels

18 January 2013: In Amsterdam

‘Language Strategies in Comparative Perspective’, NPLD Executive, Amsterdam

14 December 2012: In Glasgow

Linguistic Landscapes and Soillsie’, Soillsie Management Training, Celtic Studies, Glasgow University

13 December 2012: In Glasgow

‘Official Language Strategies’ Soillsie Management Training, Celtic Studies, Glasgow University

13 November 2012: In Brussels

‘Towards a Roadmap for European Languages’. NPLD. Brussels

9 October 2012: In Cardiff

‘Dwyieithrwydd ac Amlieithrwydd’, ‘Bilingualism and Multilingualism’, Address to the British Council’s National Launch of the Language Rich Europe Project, Cardiff; National Assembly for Wales

12 October 2012: In Cardiff

Multiculturalism in Wales Forum

A group of PhDs from the School of Welsh hosted a one-day forum on Friday 12 October 2012 in order to discuss multiculturalism in Wales. The event is funded by the University Graduate College. The forums key aims will be to achieve the following:

The event will bring together academics and third and public sector workers to discuss these issues. The guest speakers will be Vaughan Gething (Assembly Member), cultural establishments from various areas across Wales, and a panel of academics from Cardiff University. Hopefully a network of contacts will be established in this field as a as result of the forum.

The event will be held in Council Chamber, Main Building, Cardiff University between 10am and 4pm
Lunch is provided free of charge. Contact Geraint Whittaker ( to reserve a place.

September 2012: In Bangor

AHRC Research Network ‘Translation and Non-State Cultures’

Diarmait Mac Giolla Chríost is a member of the above AHRC-sponsored research network, a joint project between Cardiff University and Bangor University. He presented two papers to the network: ‘Cyfieithu’r Cofnod’ in September 2012 and ‘Cyfieithu Cymru: Lessons from ‘Translating Ireland’ in April 2012.

23 August 2012: In Berlin

(With Dr P.O Flaharta), ‘Ireland’s Regenerative Challenge: Language Legislation, Regulation and Amalgamation? Sociolingusitic Symposium, 19, Freie University, Berlin

23 August 2012: In Berlin

‘The Welsh Language Commissioner: The First Fruits of Legislative Devolution in Wales,’ Sociolingusitic Symposium, 19, Freie University, Berlin

21-24 August 2012: In Berlin

Sociolinguistics Symposium 19, Berlin, 2012, Panel 172: Urban Language Conflict

Diarmait Mac Giolla Chríost along with Jeroen Darquennes conducted a panel at the recent Sociolinguistics Symposium in Berlin. The panel members were:

22-24 April 2012: In Cardiff

The School of Welsh welcomed a group of scholars from Canada. As part of their visit a research seminar was held between the School of Welsh’s Language Policy and Planning Research Unit and the ARUC/CURA, Canada to discuss contemporary Welsh language policy. After the seminar the group were granted the first ever formal meeting with the Welsh Language Commissioner, Meri Huws. The purpose of the visit was to identify best practice in Wales in order to develop language policy in Canada and strengthen the communal element within Canada’s Francophone cirizens.  One member of the group, Martin Normand, had been a Visiting Scholar with us for much of the Autumn Term  2011 as part of his PhD research programme at Montreal University which compares Ontario, New Brunswick and Wales with regards to language policy.

Event Programme [555KB]

'Research League: Les Savoirs de la gouvernance communautaire (Community Governance Studies)' visit Cardiff University [1.99MB]

DelegatesDelegates with Meri Huws


23 April 2012: In Cardiff

‘Strategic Priorities for the New Language Regime,’ ARUC Workshop, Cardiff

30 March 2011: In Cardiff

Professor Xavier Lamuela (University of Girona)
Seminar interpreting current developments in Catalan, in Occitan and Friulian
Room 1.69, School of Welsh, Humanities Building
Presentations by Dr Patrick Carlin, Dr Diarmait Mac Giolla Chriost, Dr H.S Thomas and Professor Colin Williams.

20 and 21 May 2010: In Barcelona

Professor Colin Williams
Series of lectures - 1. 'Language, Rights and Legislation'; 2. ' Legislation and Bilingual Services: A Comparative Analysis'; 3. ' In Defence of Language Rights: Language Commissioners in Canada, Ireland and Wales'.
Linguamón, Casa de Llengues, Barcelona

Event Programme [275KB]

19 April 2010: In Cardiff

One Day Conference: 'The Ysgolion Cymraeg in an International Context'
University Hall and Conference Centre, Penylan, Cardiff,
Simultaneous translation is available on request

Programme and Registration Form [12KB]

27 May 2009: In Cardiff

CHRI Workshop: Official Language Regulation and Promotion in the UK and Ireland

The Wales Assembly Government is drafting an Assembly Measure on the Welsh Language which may include the establishment of a Language Commissioner for Wales.

The Westminster ratification process will take until the end of 2010. Thus an opportunity exists for consciousness raising within academia and civil society to assess how this development may impact upon the legal and social status of other Celtic languages within these isles.

This half day workshop will bring together four of the leading academic/public intellectuals involved in the promotion and regulation of Official Languages in the UK and Ireland.

Following their presentations there will be an open forum to discuss issues arising from the themes presented at the workshop.

For more information on how to register, please contact the School Office:

(029)20 874843

Workshop Programme [20 KB]