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The Research Team

The research is being undertaken by a team of researchers based at the LPPRU, the School of Welsh.

Professor Colin Williams, Principal Investigator

Professor Diarmait Mac Giolla Chríost, Co-investigator

Dr Patrick Carlin, Post-doctorate Research Fellow

The research team is supported by a multi-disciplinary International Advisory Panel that includes the following:

Prof. Linda Cardinal, Ottawa University
Prof. R. Dunbar, University of Highlands and Islands
Prof. D. Gorter, University of the Basque Country
Dr. P.O Flaharta, Dublin City University
Meirion Prys Jones, Network for the Promotion of Linguistic Diversity
Dr. W. McLeod, Edinburgh University
Dr. M. Puigdevall i Serralvo, Open University of Catalonia
Dr. J. Walsh, Galway University