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News and Events

23 April 2012: In Cardiff

‘Strategic Priorities for the New Language Regime,’ ARUC Workshop, Cardiff

May 17th 2012: In Barcelona

‘Multilingualism and Minority Languages: Challenges to Strategy,’ Presentation to the Open University of Catalonia, (UOC) Barcelona

5 July 2012: In Quebec City

‘La transformation du cadre législatif relatif à la langue au Pays de Galles.’ Invited Address to La Monde de la francophonie, Quebec City

11 July 2012: In Ottawa

‘Recent Developments in Welsh Language Legislation,’ Presentation to the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages, Ottawa

21 July 2012: In Bangor

‘The Mask of Piety and the Faltering Polity,’ Plenary Address to the Inaugural Bangor Conference on Celtic Studies, Bangor University

23 August 2012: In Berlin

‘The Welsh Language Commissioner: The First Fruits of Legislative Devolution in Wales,’ Sociolingusitic Symposium, 19, Freie University, Berlin

23 August 2012: In Berlin

(With Dr P.O Flaharta), ‘Ireland’s Regenerative Challenge: Language Legislation, Regulation and Amalgamation? Sociolingusitic Symposium, 19, Freie University, Berlin

9 October 2012: In Cardiff

‘Dwyieithrwydd ac Amlieithrwydd’, ‘Bilingualism and Multilingualism’, Address to the British Council’s National Launch of the Language Rich Europe Project, Cardiff; National Assembly for Wales

13 November 2012: In Brussels

‘Towards a Roadmap for European Languages’. NPLD. Brussels

13 December 2012: In Glasgow

‘Official Language Strategies’ Soillsie Management Training, Celtic Studies, Glasgow University

14 December 2012: In Glasgow

Linguistic Landscapes and Soillsie’, Soillsie Management Training, Celtic Studies, Glasgow University

18 January 2013: In Amsterdam

‘Language Strategies in Comparative Perspective’, NPLD Executive, Amsterdam

21 February 2013: In Brussels

‘Language Strategies in Comparative Perspective’, Annual Conference of the NPLD Network, Brussels

12 March 2013: In Cardiff

The first research seminar in our series on language commissioners, language law and language planning:

Professor Rob Dunbar - 'All at sea in the North Atlantic? The Welsh Language Measure, the 'Celtic model' and the 'Canadian model' of Language Legislation'

22 March 2013: In Caernarfon

(With M.P.Jones) ‘Datblygiadau Ewropeaidd’, Cynhadledd Genedlaethol Dyfodol Cymunedau Cymraeg, Welsh Government, Galeri, Caernarfon

14 May 2013: In Barcelona

‘European and Canadian Perspectives on Language Strategies’, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Barcelona

May 2013: In Dublin

International conference on language commissioners, Dublin

23-4 May 2013: In Cardiff

Co-organiser and rapporteur, International Conference on Language Rights, Dublin, co-hosted by Irish Language Commissioner, Fiontar, DCU and LPPRU, Cardiff University

9 October 2013: In Moncton

‘Language Rights in Great Britain and Ireland: The Welsh Experience’ Faculty of Law Conference on Language Rights, University of Moncton

23-24 November 2013: In the Basque Country

‘Legislative Devolution and the Enactment of the Official Status of Welsh in Wales’. International Conference on Cultural Rights and Democratization, University of the Basque Country