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Perfformio o’r Pulpud (Performing from the Pulpit)

Dramatic preaching in 19th and 20th century Wales

Christmas Evans, a Welsh Nonconformist minister, regarded as one of the greatest preachers in the history of Wales

This research, focusing on Welsh dramatic preaching of the 19th and 20th centuries, has developed as a result of Professor Sioned Davies’ interest in performance theory and communication in the Middle Ages.

At the end of 2004, the project was formally launched, drawing on the expertise of other staff in Welsh such as Dr E Wyn James, Professor Colin Williams and Professor Peter Wynn Thomas, and an Advisory Board was set up, which comprised of Professor Brynley F Roberts, Aberystwyth, and Dr Huw Walters, National Library of Wales. A grant from Cardiff University Research Committee enabled the appointment of Llion Pryderi Roberts as Research Assistant to work on the project. One of his priorities was to create an electronic database of the biographies to preachers of the period, based on a series of key words:

Keywords used for Indexing Purposes [13 KB]

Noddfa Pulpit 1919

The database is in Microsoft Access, and will be published online, in Welsh, at the end of the project, together with an annotated bibliography to the field. Llion is also writing a doctoral dissertation on the biographies of Owen Thomas, Liverpool. The project has also influenced the work of other research students; see, for example, Adrian Brake’s MA dissertation (Cardiff University, 2007), ‘Edward Matthews, Ewenni, and the concept of “Performing from the Pulpit”‘.

In 2007, further funding was secured to develop an Oral History Community Project.