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Electrifying the Text

The Electrifying the Text Forum

The Electrifying the Text Forum was formed at the end of 2004 by Diana Luft, Llion Pryderi Roberts and D. Mark Smith with the intention of promoting discussion on aspects of electronic texts and sharing good practice.

The first forum was held on Friday 8 April 2005. Presentations were given by representatives of different university-based research projects as well as those from libraries and the publishing world, dealing with issues arising from digitisation and publishing.

This led to a stimulating discussion at the end of the day on a wide range of points including the importance of establishing a common terminology and of further disseminating information on the different projects.

This resulted in the decision to hold a second forum in 2006.

Summaries of the papers that were given in the first forum can be found here, as well as the schedule for the 2006 forum.


Diana Luft

Llion Pryderi Roberts

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