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Devolution in Wales and Brittany

Funding: ESRC (Grant no. L219252007)

Researchers: Colin H. Williams (School of Welsh), Alistair Cole, John Loughlin, Barry Jones (School of European Studies)

This project examined the nature of devolution in France and Britain between 1999 and 2003, analysing educational policies, training and language in Wales and in Brittany. Over 200 interviews were held with politicians, policy-makers, agencies and specialists in these fields. Also the views of 1008 inhabitants of Wales and 1007 inhabitants of Brittany were analysed in order to assess their opinions regarding the effects of devolution on the development of policy and on the nature of the relationship between Wales and the UK and Brittany and France. Several articles were published based on the results, and two volumes have appeared: Language and Governance (University of Wales Press) and Devolution in Wales and Brittany (Oxford University Press). The project offers both a theoretical and practical element to Language Planning and Language Policy in an international context.