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Broaden horizons in Patagonia



Two students from the School of Welsh, Cardiff University have won scholarships to travel to Patagonia during the summer holidays. Siwan Gwyn Jones and Angharad Lewis, who are about to complete their second year of study, will receive scholarships of £3,000 each to complete a month of work experience in the Welsh colony in Patagonia, Argentina.

The two students were selected by a committee based upon their applications and their academic performance. As part of their degree programme, both Siwan and Angharad have chosen to follow the module entitiled ‘The Identity and Culture of the Welsh colony in Patagonia’ with Dr Walter Brooks, who is himself a native of Argentina. 

The scholarships will enable the two to work on different aspects of the Welsh Language Scheme in Patagonia –a partnership between the Welsh Government, the British Council, Cardiff University, Cymdeithas Cymru-Ariannin and Menter Iaith Patagonia (the Welsh Language Initiative in Patagonia). The work experience may involve serving as a classroom assistant in a nursery or primary school, or a classroom assistant in Welsh for adults classes, or helping out with activities organised by Menter Patagonia.

Professor E. Wyn James
, who is responsible for the international activity at the School of Welsh: “This is an opportunity to broaden horizons and gain new varied and rich experiences. It is also an opportunity to promote the Welsh language and culture and to examine language planning for a minority language in a context which is very different to the situation in Wales.”