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MPhil student wins Voice of Humanities prize


Awen Schiavone

Awen Schiavone, one of our MPhil students, won the prize for best poster and presentation at this year’s Voice of Humanities Conference.  The event, held on 21 March in The Graduate Centre at Cardiff University, gave post graduate students a chance to showcase their research.

There was a wide variety of projects discussing topics ranging from ancient history to psychoanalysis to children’s literature. It was an ideal opportunity to hear about work by students who are on the cutting edge of their field.
Awen’s MPhil thesis discusses post-colonialism in Welsh Children’s Literature, namely in the children’s novel Barti Ddu by T. Llew Jones.  Awen was delighted with the outcome, noting that ‘trying to condense my ideas into as few words as possible was an exciting challenge and it was great to be able to present my work in a clear and concise way to an audience who was unfamiliar with the field’.

She went on to explain that she would recommend that anyone doing an MPhil/PhD should consider presenting their work on a poster at a conference because ‘people tend to enjoy reading posters and feel more at ease asking questions on a one to one basis than when academic papers are presented’.

See Awen Schiavone's winning poster here