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Developing links with Canada and the Welsh Language Commissioner



This week the School of Welsh welcomed a group of scholars from Canada. As part of their visit a research seminar was held between the School of Welsh’s Language Policy and Planning Research Unit and the ARUC/CURA, Canada to discuss contemporary Welsh language policy. After the seminar the group were granted the first ever formal meeting with the Welsh Language Commissioner, Meri Huws. The purpose of the visit was to identify best practice in Wales in order to develop language policy in Canada and strengthen the communal element within Canada’s Francophone cirizens.  One member of the group, Martin Normand, had been a Visiting Scholar with us for much of the Autumn Term  2011 as part of his PhD research programme at Montreal University which compares Ontario, New Brunswick and Wales with regards to language policy.

ARUC delegates

ARUC delegates with Meri Huws