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Irish in Cardiff



One of the School of Welsh’s postgraduate students has recently appeared on an Irish television programme. John Caulfield, who hails from Wexford in Ireland, is a PhD student at the School. His PhD (funded by the Irish Government) looks at language planning and sociolinguistics in the context of the Irish language. John also teaches the module ‘Introduction to Irish 1 and 2’ here at the School.

John appeared on the programme 'Thar Sáile' broadcasted on TG4 in October. ‘Thar Sáile’ is an Irish travel programme which visits various cities around the world meeting Irish people who live there and who speak Irish. In the episode about Cardiff, John talks about the city and how he uses the language from day to day. The programme also featured John teaching his ‘Introduction to Irish’ class with his enthusiastic undergraduate students practising their spoken Irish.

If you would like to watch this programme follow the link below: .

John Caulfield