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PhD student and his new comedy series


Elidir Jones from Bangor is a PhD student in the School of Welsh and the School of English, Communication and Philosophy. He is also one of the scriptwriters for the new comedy series ‘Ddoe am Ddeg’ on S4C.

What is the title of your research?

Nationalism and Welsh Writing in Comparative Contexts, 1925 - 1966

Why did you choose this particular field?

I have an interest in political writing and the period discussed in my doctorate is my favourite era of Welsh writing with authors such as Emyr Humphreys and Kate Roberts. I firmly believe that comparative study is a very effective way of looking at literature.

Who has influenced you most?

With regards to writing comedy I’m a big fan of Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, and admire the way they marry drama and comedy in a most masterful way. Absurdism also appeals to my sense of humour and so I enjoy the work of Graham Linehan and Arthur Matthews, including Father Ted, Black Books and Big Train, and also the programmes of Vic Reeves a Bob Mortimer. I have also recently discovered a programme on BBC Scotland called Limmy's Show by Brian Limond which has influenced me. It’s dark, very experimental, fast moving and demands a great deal of commitment from the audience, and deservers a lot more coverage.

Talk a bit about your new programme

It’s a mix of different ideas – sketches, spoofs etc, on the format of a magazine programme that has gone astray. A group of writers have worked on different items, so there is a significant difference between all the items. Maybe not everything will appeal to everyone, but we hope that the viewers will choose their favourites and enjoy them.

How did you become one of the programme’s script writers?

I auditioned on the basis of my work as a stand up comic with the intention of presenting the programme. Although I didn’t get the job the producers must have seen some sort of potential in my sense of humour, and employed me to scribble some nonsense on paper.

How did you find working on the programme?

I usually wrote on my own, sending drafts to producers after I finished. Now and again I would meet up with Ciron Gruffydd, one of the other writers, and swap ideas over a meal. I’m extremely grateful to the production team for all their support and for letting me put my daft ideas on the television.  

What are your plans for the future? Do you intend to continue to script write?

I enjoy writing comedy but I also enjoy my more academic work, so it’s hard to say what my plans are at the moment. Ideally, I’d like to combine the two in some way.

You can see 'Ddoe am Ddeg' every Thursday night at 10.00pm on S4C