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Strengthening our ties with the Welsh settlement in Patagonia



Banco Santander's meeting with Cardiff University in September 2008 

Cardiff University is the first university in Wales to be selected as a partner institution in an international network called ‘Santander Universities’.

An agreement of cooperation was signed in September 2008 between Cardiff University and Abbey National plc, Banco Santander’s UK subsidiary. This will enable Cardiff University to establish a number of research and teaching links with South American universities who are also members of the ‘Santander Universities’ group.

This development is very exciting one for the School, as the funding from Banco Santander will allow us to develop relations with a number of higher education institutions in Patagonia, and in particular with the National University of Patagonia in Trelew.

As one of the first steps in this development, a number of members of staff from the School will visit Patagonia in spring 2009 (that is, spring in Wales as it will be autumn in Patagonia!). Amongst these will be experts on teaching Welsh for adults, language planning, and the literature and history of the Welsh settlement in Patagonia.

The purpose of this initial visit will be to lay the foundations for further cooperation, with the aim of promoting regular research and study visits to Patagonia by staff and students of the School of Welsh over the coming years; and for Patagonian staff and students in turn to research and study at Cardiff. 

We are very grateful to Banco Santander for their generous sponsorship which allows an invaluable opportunity to further strengthen relations between the School of Welsh and the Welsh settlement in Patagonia.