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Cwrw am ddim [Free Beer]

17/07/2009Cover Cwrw am ddim

It is not often that an undergraduate student publishes a book during his degree course. But Chris Cope is no ordinary undergraduate. Three years ago the American came to the public’s attention having taught himself Welsh from the worldwide web; he then embarked on a degree course in Welsh here at Cardiff and has graduated this year. Chris is also a well-known figure in the cyber world of the bloggers, and writes a column for the Welsh magazine Barn.

Cwrw am ddim [Free beer], published by Gomer Press at £7.99, is a book about his experiences as a learner, full of humorous anecdotes as he describes the trouble he has getting to grips with the language and its culture. We look forward eagerly to a second book as Chris now embarks on our MA in Welsh (Creative Writing Route).