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Work Experience & Careers

Work Experience

For many years, final year students have been participating in 20 hours of work experience as part of the Cymraeg y Gweithle [Welsh in the Workplace] module. This pioneering module gives students an insight into the ways that the Welsh language is employed in different careers e.g. translating, marketing, journalism and administration. Students undertook work in establishments such as S4C, The Welsh Language Board, ACCAS, Agenda, Ffilmiau’r Nant, Comisiwn Cefn Gwlad, as well as translation companies (Prysg, Trosol, Testun) and local schools. This module has been a great success and several students have been offered permanent positions in the institutions they visited.


There are many varied career opportunities for students who graduate in Welsh.

Each year, students from the School of Welsh take up posts in the media and the translation industry. Some will undertake employment in administration, while others enter the teaching profession. Many also stay in the School to study for a higher degree: MA, MPhil, or PhD.

But not all our students follow these routes: there are many opportunities for people who have a qualification in Welsh, and who have a wide knowledge of Wales and its culture, together with good written and oral communication skills in the Welsh language.

For example, former students from the School work in institutions such as the St Fagans National History Musuem, the Welsh Language Board, the National Assembly for Wales, and the National Library of Wales. Others work in marketing, publishing, or personnel, while some have sought professional qualifications in areas such as social work or law.

As a result of the Welsh Language Act, there has been an increased demand for people who are able to administrate through the medium of Welsh at all levels; the demand has further increased with the establishment of the National Assembly for Wales.